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The general research resources page has links to bioinformatics etc resources.

TriTrypDB (part of EuPathDB) is the major database resource for Kinetoplastids and is supplemented by TrypDB at the Sanger Institute (all genes are cross-linked in the two databases). Please use the comments entry form to submit new annotation information or to make suggestions for improving the database.

NCBI BLAST now defaults to the human genome. To search the T. brucei genome, choose the database 'Others (nr etc)' and select 'NCBI genomes (chromosomes)' in the drop-down panel. It probably worksfaster to add the optional organism name. Use the 'Nucleotide collection (nr/nt)' option to search all T. brucei (and other organism) GenBank entries.

VSG database (Glasgow) allows limited searches of VSGs primarily from the TREU927 'genome' strain, but includes both chromosomal and non-assembled, gene and pseudogene, VSG sequences. If you want to do more with these sequences, it is simpler to download them from TriTrypDB.

T. brucei BACs (bacterial artificial chromosomes) from Lister 427 strain (reference numbers RPCI-97 and RPCI-102, constructed using EcoRI and MboI partially digested genomic DNA, respectively) are available from this source, as well as 927 clones from the 'official' genome-project TIGR BAC library.

See below for more links to resources and programs.

Norma Andrews

Jay Bangs

Mike Barrett

Dave Barry

Paul Bates

Vivian Bellofatto

Steve Beverley

Jennie Blackwell

Piet Borst

Gregory Buck

Barbara Burleigh

Mark Carrington

Christine Clayton

Roberto DoCampo

John Donelson

Michael Duszenko

Dennis Dwyer

Najib El-Sayed

Paul Englund

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Marcus Engstler

Klaus Ersfeld

Alan Fairlamb

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Mark Field

Carlos Frasch

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Steve Hajduk

Tansy Hammarton

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David Horn

John Kelly

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Donna Koslowsky

Luise Krauth-Siegel

Scott Landfear

Jonathon LeBowitz

Ed Louis

Julius Lukes

Annette MacLeod

Dimitri Maslov

Greg Matlashewski

Keith Matthews

Malcolm McConville

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James McKerrow

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Shulamit Michaeli

Michael Miles

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Noel Murphy

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Marilyn Parsons

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Andre Schneider

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Buddy Ullman

Elisabetta Ullu

CC Wang

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Shane Wilkinson

Noreen Williams

GPM (Global Proteome Machine Organization) proteomics site for analysis of Mass Spectrometry data from T. brucei (and many other organisms). We feel this is superior to other software (we may be biased because it has its roots with our colleagues). It is hosted by the Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory at the UBC Biomedical Research Centre, but the software is open-source and is freely available to install locally if you wish.

TrypanoFAN Functional analysis by RNAi (pilot project).

On-line parasitology course (Larry Simpson).

University of Georgia Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases

RNAit RNAi target-sequence selection utility.

Drug Discovery at Dundee and at UCSF

British Society for Parasitology

Biographies of some extant parasitologists (Larry Simpson's initiative).

Tropical Diseases Research Forum TropIKA.net

Stamp Out Sleeping Sickness for some information about the reality of the disease on the ground.

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