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ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is a starting point for many databases and methods for protein analysis.

BioCyc microbial metabolic pathways.

KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) has metabolic pathways for many organisms.

GPM (Global Proteome Machine Organization) proteomics site for analysis of Mass Spectrometry data from T. brucei (and many other organisms). We feel this is superior to other software (we may be biased because it has its roots with our colleagues). It is hosted by the Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory at the UBC Biomedical Research Centre, but the software is open-source and is freely available to install locally if you wish.

  Bionumbers is a database of useful biological numbers such as cell and organelle sizes, diffusion coefficients, protein concentrations, etc, assembled by some people in the systems biology department at Harvard Medical School.
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