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As with many colleagues, my laboratory runs exclusively on Mac computers. This allows us to run Mac OSX and Unix applications in parallel and provide an easy-to-administer website. We have identified a few especially useful tools to supplement the Mac experience. I am listing some of them here but would like to hear from anyone who has additional recommendations and advice.

Essential free or cheap little applications, plugins, etc Tips and things Other applications I use and recommend

Even the Mac interface can be improved ;-)

Default Folder enhances Open and Save dialog boxes allowing instant customizable navigation to favorite or recent folders.

MsgFiler files messages in Mac Mail to any mailbox with a few keystrokes.

Overflow is a dock extender that lets you organize and immediately access scores of applications.

Check off creates a menu-bar to-do list.

http://tinyurl.com is a way to make a short URL from a very long one.




Bookends bibliography software is far cheaper and more versatile than EndNote, works with all versions of Microsoft Word, and is constantly updated. It was used to format our Lab Publications pages automatically, inserting all css code and html links. If you would like a copy of the very complex formating template, just ask me.

Always backed up? Want to upgrade your internal disk? Use SuperDuper to keep an up-to-date clone of your internal disk.

File Buddy utility for file management.

A personal favorite for panorama photography is Autopano Pro, for Mac, PC and Linux. Look at the Autopano website for examples of panorama composites up to 20 Giga pixels! A more modest one adorns the Conference Calendar page. If you like doing this kind of thing, you will also appreciate the Zoomify export option that is now included in Adobe Photoshop.

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